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Multivitamin Hair Treatment

Who is it for?

Experience our revitalizing Multivitamin Hair Treatment, designed to combat hair loss and thinning by LaBiosthetique.


This intensive solution features larch wood to revive young stem cells crucial for hair papilla health, neutralizes free radicals, and nourishes roots with vitamins, proteins, and trace elements.


With glyco-cell extract ensuring scalp elasticity and melanin stimulation preventing premature greying, your hair emerges fresh, vibrant, and renewed.

Our Multivitamin Hair Treatment is tailored for individuals experiencing hair loss and thinning concerns.


If you're seeking a comprehensive solution to combat these issues and restore your hair's vitality, this treatment is designed with you in mind.

Not sure which treatment suits you best?

Take advantage of our complimentary consultation with our skilled stylists. Your ideal hair is just a conversation away.

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